Reka Cables’ head office moves into new premises

Reka Cables’ head office in Sahanmäki, Hyvinkää (address: Niinistönkatu 12) moves into new premises on October 12, 2015.

The new premises are also located in Sahanmäki area, the address is Kaapelikatu 2, FI-05800 Hyvinkää (visiting address Varastokatu 8).

Invoicing address is P.O. Box 12, FI-05801 Hyvinkää.

The new premises accommodate e.g. the management and sales units of Reka Cables as well as human resources, financial management and product development.

In Kaapelikatu office we can even better implement our target on a well functioning, pleasant working place and support open flow of information.

This way we can serve our clients in the best possible way also in the future.  

Reka Cables’ Hyvinkää plant, dispatch department and product development laboratory will remain at Niinistönkatu 12.


More information:
Marketing and Communications Manager Maarit Konu, +358 207 200 395.