Appointments in Reka Cables

Appointments in Reka Cables

We have made both internal and external nominations. New people have started in import production, product planning and human resources. Congratulations on the appointments and welcome to the new employees to our team!


Internal appointments at Reka Cables



Justus Berg has been appointed Controller as of 1.4.2024. He previously worked at Reka Cables in sales support.





Juha Nieminen has been appointed Product Management Manager as of 1.4.2024. Previously, he has worked as Product and Project Manager at Reka Cables.








Jore Koho has been working as a production planner at the Riihimäki factory since 2.5.2024. Jore has previously worked in Riihimäki production as an operator in various positions.







Sari Suanto has been appointed HR Specialist from 1.4.2024. She has previously worked at Reka Cables as HR Assistant.




New Reka employees



Mira Nevalainen has started as HR Assistant from 2.4.2024. Before joining Reka Cables, Mira has worked as a customer advisor at Elenia.





Saara Varjakoski has been appointed as a new Product Designer from 20.5.2024 and will be based in Keuruu. Saara Varjakoski joined Reka from Caverion Finland Oy.





Pekka Haapalainen has joined Riihimäki production as a production manager with responsibility for Wires on 6.5.2024. Pekka previously worked as a shift employee at Murata Electronics.